I’ve not quite figured out the game mechanics yet but I’ve been having a think about the visuals.

Each thing generated from a QR code should ideally have a visual representation. I’ve got a vague idea of the sort of thing I’d like them to look like but I’m open to changing that depending what comes along.

I was thinking that the eight values between 0 and 255 could be used for a number of things

For example creating a 3D shape consisting of a number of points (sort of like a 3D asterisk) with some texturing based on a random colour value, processed with one of a number of filters (such as a noise filter). Nothing too complicated, really.

That said I’ve been playing around with something called Mandebulber and this thing is basically open source art.settings-and-such

Settings for the image above

Perhaps using it to power the generation of images for the QR codes would be the way to go, once I get the hang of how it works. It also supports client-server stuff meaning in theory the finished program could ask a server to do the grunt work.

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