I watched The World’s End today. I’d recommend it even if it didn’t blow my socks off.

Mostly I’d recommend it for the character study that is Gary King.

The presentation obviously pours scorn on him for the sake of comedy but I find myself wondering what the middle ground is between the misery of his life and the drudgery that is his former school friends’ lives.

Obviously we can’t be teenagers forever. People like Gary do exist – unwilling to let go of that time. But over time it becomes increasingly pathetic for some reason.

We’re told that we have to abandon that thirst for excitement and life in favour of stability and council tax payments.



The thing being that Gary’s lifestyle clearly doesn’t make him happy but then the choices the others made don’t seem to have made them content either. They’re perhaps not as dramatically miserable but their lives don’t seem to have worked out in any particularly interesting ways either.

My question is simple: what’s the middle ground?

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