I hit play on my iPhone the other day and the Blink-182 song “What’s My Age Again?” came up. I’m amazed that even all these years later I still love the album it’s from.

Quite a while ago I drew up a list of some favourite albums of mine and now I’m looking back at it and thinking about whether I should try to hunt down some more albums from it on vinyl.

Unfortunately it seems that despite many of the records on that list being extremely popular they’re still rare enough to be worth considerably more than I can afford.

I find myself a little sad that the one way I actually want to buy music isn’t available. Exchanging money for goods is difficult when the goods aren’t being offered. Unsurprisingly my offer of money is not a charitable donation – if you want my cash, music industry, make me an offer I care for.

It leaves me wondering how long it’ll be until I can 3D print my own copies. Given the precision required it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s quite a long way out.

On that front it seems that the Makibox A6 might actually be available before my next birthday. Maybe. I’m not going to hold my breath.

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  1. I definitely wouldnt hold my breath. I payed for one of these in jan with the promise it would be delivered in 12 weeks. In Aug I asked for my money back when for the 3rd time they didnt deliver when promised.


  2. Dear gods. What a shambles!


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