I’m trying to implement user input in my game and I’m finding myself incredibly frustrated.

The code breaks but I can’t put my finger on why. The variables change like they’re supposed to but one routine falls over no matter what I do. It broadcasts the correct signal but for some reason the routine then fails to execute properly.

I’m not sure what to do short of simply rebuilding the mechanics of user input. It seems there’s just some real issues with clicking on sprites in Scratch 1.4. It’s pretty tiresome.

One rebuild later and I’m still not sure why it was breaking. I seemed to have fixed the accursed thing at least but I wish I hadn’t had to in the first place!

I’ve now implemented two moves – basic attack and defensive stance.

scratch_qr_mockup_graphics_basic_attackThe former is just the standard attack from the first build of the game. The mechanics are still as follows:

Attack * multiplier vs. defence resistance (~0 – 75% reduction)

scratch_qr_mockup_graphics_defensive_stanceThen there’s the new mechanic, defensive stance. It doubles the fighter’s defence score for one turn. I could relatively easily make it last a randomised amount of time due to the way I’ve built it. It’s a little buggy as yet and if both combatants use it it’ll fix one of their defence scores at the doubled rate. Working on that!

Next up will be “risky strike” but I think I’ll hold off on implementing that until I’ve sorted out the kinks in defensive stance. Not bad for my first proper game project though, I must say.

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