Most Thursdays end up fairly horrid for me. Today started like that – dealing with paperwork, finding out why NPower think I owe them money, demanding a refund from my previous letting agency over illegally charged fees, that sort of stuff. Dull grown-up stuff.

It got better though – Jenny and I went to Tesco. That seems a silly thing to be pleased about but it was more the route we have to take to get there. It’s a lovely scenic stroll and at this time of year goes past great swathes of blackberry-encrusted bramble bushes. I could go for some berries…

It was a warm, sunny evening. Very pleasant.

How did we do for berries?

Well we spent a leisurely half hour or so picking the biggest ones we could find and ended up with a relatively heavy bag and grubby paws. Weighing it at home and even I was surprised:


They’re also more delicious than the ones we’ve bought from supermarkets. They’re fantastic, in fact.

I encourage you to do a spot of foraging if you get the chance. There’s good stuff out there if you know where to look!

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