I’m not a fan of “trash talk” when playing games. Some folks seem to feel it’s all part of the game and I can see how it could be. That is to say if it was a ranked match with stakes of some kind then I could see a more adversarial aspect to play.

I rarely play that sort of thing.

Some how it has become acceptable to be intensely rude even in friendly play. I rarely put up with this sort of thing, especially given the prejudice nature of many of the slurs thrown around. Thankfully today I’m not writing to complain about the state of things, instead I wanted to write about a lovely experience whilst relaxing playing Team Fortress 2.

When playing I often spend time on the old ctf_2Fort map. There’s very little motivation to win or lose and it provides a nice venue for a bit of sniper-based “use gun on man”.

But sometimes I get into a sniper battle with a random opponent. In this case it was a chap known as CaptainSteve. I got him a few times before he finally took my sneaky arse out. I congratulated him on a good shot – a worthy opponent!

Some time later he got me again and apologised. Not for killing me but for it being “super flukey”. Similarly I apologised for getting him with a cheap body shot (rather than an elegant headshot).

This is not the first time I’ve encountered this kind of camaraderie whilst playing online but I wish it was more common. Anonymity doesn’t turn everyone into a walking reason for extraterrestrials to avoid us, especially if we do our bit to encourage better sportsmanship.215499488_8pSZr-L-2

Well that’s my take on things.

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