Something I love about living in this era of video games is the fact that along with huge flashy productions we also get interesting low-tech titles.

I phrase it that way because Papers, Please could well have existed long ago. It doesn’t look like much but thankfully it leans into that.

I’m not a huge fan of crappy graphics. Some people love indies for that stuff, personally I prefer well-suited graphics. I’ve got no problem with Fallout and Fallout 2 but Wasteland is too lousy for me.

This game on the other hand is set in 1982 in a dismal (fictional) Eastern Bloc state. The tone is both dark and humorous, possibly based on the classic formula (comedy = tragedy + time).

Here’s a Giant Bomb Quick Look of the game.

I played with the beta a while back and really enjoyed it. I think I’ll hold off buying it for a little while simply because of the number of other games on my plate at the moment. It’ll keep.

In the meantime I would recommend you head over to and take a look at the game.

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