Last night I was sitting in bed scribbling on my scratchpad (as opposed to my nice books) whilst pondering the mechanics for how this game might work.

The first thing I did proved extremely useful: I converted the 0 to 255 values to ranges between 1 and 100. It’s not a big step but immediately the numbers became easier to think about.

231, 70, 38, 246 became 91, 27, 15, and 96.

Looking at them it was suddenly clear that the current methodology I was employing for determining hitpoints just wasn’t going to work. Even if I multiplied them by five that’d still give a range of 5 – 500. Yeah, that’s not going to work. 20/255 would translate to 40 HP even after that kind of multiplier. Erk.

Perhaps instead a base HP should be assigned, say 150, which is then affected by modifiers. E.g.:

150 + Rand(0,100) + HP value (0,100) = total HP

That’d give a range of ~150 – 350. Not bad.

The question then becomes whether really tough critters should be available. Maybe the ceiling should be raised to 450?

150 + Rand(0,100) + 2*(HP value (0,100)) = total HP

Food for thought.

Then there’s the defence value. I’d been thinking about it in the style of Falllout: New Vegas treating it as a damage threshold. Anything below that value is completely ignored, or something like that.

What if instead I treated it as a percentage damage reduction?

E.g. 230/355 = 90% resistance

Finally I had a think about attack damage. Perhaps something like this could work:

Attack value (0,100) * multiplier (affected by luck value)

Perhaps critical hits should be a feature?

I’ll keep thinking.

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