Something I’ve been thinking about recently is the potential for fun using 3D printers.

Sure, I could use one to make fancy parts, conversion kits, or any number of other awesome professional and hobby projects. That’s cool.

Alternatively I could use one to make the pieces needed to play a tabletop game if I want to try it out. Sure, they wouldn’t be as nice as the proper ones but they’d be a lot more serviceable than coins or cardboard cut-outs.

I don’t mind using my imagination but it’s a lot easier when there’s something to bridge the gap. It’s hard to relate to a playing piece that looks like a puddle of red plastic, if you know what I mean.

Print out some graphics, pop some plastic connecters in place, and a some figures and you’ve got Space Hulk good to go. I’ve no idea if I like Space Hulk, admittedly, but I’d probably never find out if all I had was a PDF and some graph paper.

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