Sometimes I see a video that really reminds me of how much humans suck. Here’s the talk. I find it really inspiring which is why negativity follows. So many people seem to take issue with the notion of sharing. Their definition of individuality apparently involves owning a large car, a sprawling house, and the right to far more resources than is even remotely reasonable.

I love stuff but I don’t buy the whole “expression through consumption” thing. It’s a fairly sound basis for an economy but I’d rather express myself using my words and hobbies. The flats in the video look ideal for me. I hate how much space is normally wasted on being a bedroom when the living room could use that area for other stuff (as I’ve said before).

That said, I couldn’t help thinking about somewhere I’ve seen the concept before…

Of course the vehicles shown in the talk seem to be met with resounding criticism from North America. As much as they like their cars I fail to see why they’re unable to look past them towards the kinds of solutions we’ll need in the future. Whining and digging one’s heels in does little to sway the changing global environment.

Personally I’d love to be able to use a car for a few things when I need it and leave it be the rest of the time. I can’t see any need for me to own a motor vehicle full time. What am I, a travelling salesman?

That reminds me. Bike lock.

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