Some days I have the will, the creativity, and the drive to really dive into sculpting. Today was one of those days.

Unfortunately sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I’m really not satisfied with how my scale mail is turning out on this model. If it was something else it’d be less crucial, I imagine, but these arms are important.female_holy_crusader_3

The reason being the shoulder pads you see above them. They’re rather large, which is fine, but they’re just one design. I want to do some smaller ones but before that can happen I need a standardised set of arms. With any luck I’ll soon have those arms allowing me to fit the same ones to another torso. That’s the plan at least.

Similarly once I have a full model done I can break one apart and use the pieces to start (or finish) another. There’s currently two other near-complete sets of legs, for example, and another two torsos. They need fine tuning but that can’t happen until a standardised sizing is established.

That’s all going through my head whilst I battle with some tiny scales about a third of a millimetre wide. Argh!

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