Whilst looking for a video of a particular line from The Cleveland Show I stumbled onto a TV Tropes article that seemed rather relevant to my life as a student.

One-Hour Work Week

Under the “Real Life” section UK students (well, English and Welsh ones at least) get a mention. It’s really rather accurate.

When I was at uni taking three modules per semester I had roughly two hours of lectures a week, per module. There were tutorials too but mostly they were basically optional and added at most another two hours per module. That meant I was on campus a couple of days per week, at most.

On the one hand, academically speaking, it was a total waste of time. On the other hand it meant I had lots of time to do things I wanted to do – film podcasts, consume vast amounts of media content, and run a student society.

The notion of exchanging that kind of free time for a paycheque doesn’t really fit into my idea of a fun life. Exchanging some of it, sure, but time = money is a one-way exchange. Money does not convert back into time!

We’re never going to be this young again – being a bit poor whilst enjoying life seems to be a far more fun proposal for happiness and contentment than a bit of extra cash to buy whatever trinkets are currently popular.

I’m going to go back to perfecting my chilli recipe now!

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