I don’t really look forward to new episodes of the Ubuntu UK Podcast. It’s vaguely informative but it’s just not all that good. Unless my memory is playing silly buggers I think I finally know why.

It’s terrified of offending anyone.

Perhaps due to its branding it feels the need to be slavishly inclusive. Humour has to appeal to everyone and news has to be delivered as objectively as possible.tinman

For all my Tin Man issues I am still human. Humans are biased, they’re abrasive, and they’re (at times) offensive. Sometimes they’re remorseful and apologetic for said offensiveness too!

The point being that the show seems to try to remove the negative sides of humanity to the point of undermining the positives they aim to reinforce.

A bit more friendly banter, a bit more acceptance of their inherent bias, and ultimately a bit more opinion would do wonders, I feel. Instead there’s something that just ends up quite bland.

Instead of “family friendly” I prefer layered. Watch some old cartoons and there’s this rather creepy vibe when seen through adult eyes simply due to the saccharine innocence of the world they portray. Other shows avoid this entirely by collaging multiple levels of humour together allowing them to remain entertaining for adults.

Also, if I write into the show as you often beg your listeners to do, please don’t glibly dismiss the issue I was trying to raise.

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