“We all went through it, what’s the problem?”

I’ve not been a teenager for quite some time and I must say hearing attitudes like that one from the older generation expressed really gets me down.

Being a teenager is difficult. Would they have complained bitterly if someone had worked to make their teenage years better? Instead it’s someone else’s problem and therefore not important.

Others make ludicrous comparisons to war-torn countries and the plight of their young people. If we make that kind of comparison then none of our problems will ever get solved because there will always be someone facing harsher troubles.

I walked away from the process I was being pushed through as a teenager. I made a token effort in my A-levels and mentally stepped away from further education after finding that the road ahead of me was not something I could submit myself to.

That was prior to the economic collapse. It must be even worse for them these days with such an atrocious job market.

Other members of the older generation make reference to a sense of over entitlement. I would certainly agree that a great many have issues on this front, but it’s an issue for a much larger section of society than merely teenagers.

A significant problem is the disconnect between the opinions of young people and what actually happens to them. Too much choice is obviously an issue but I know that as a teenager I felt that whatever I did was irrelevant to anyone with power for the most part. We were brilliant and yet were rarely given any opportunity to actually put our skills and opinions to use. Instead it was all idiotic “exercises”.

By the time I was doing my A-levels I’d had enough of it. Nothing had any consequence. If I didn’t do the work someone would chase me. I’d been told that if I didn’t do the work I’d just fail. That was a lie.

It’s hard to stay invested in a society that lies to its young people and masquerades tyranny as choice. We were something to be kept distracted until we could be shipped off to university and onwards into the corporate treadmill.

Couple that with a very materialistic society, lack of prospects, and constant pressure to succeed and one gets a rather toxic place for young people, I feel.

But hey, we all went through it.

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