I had a quick play with a tablet today while I was at one of the internet’s many showrooms.

To date I’ve not really seen one with a ~300 DPI screen (this one was 299 apparently).

If you don’t know what that means think about this – how much detail is there in a printed picture compared to one on a screen? Printed media tends to be at least 300 DPI whilst screens are usually 72 DPI.

That’s why things people print out from pics found on the internet generally look like upscaled crap to anyone who knows what they’re talking about.

As a result wherever possible tUGS releases PDFs in 300 DPI. Occasionally there’s a bit of upscaling but we try to keep things looking crisp when printed. Of course, viewing them on a monitor they look great even when zoomed in as a result.

Well on a 300 DPI tablet things stay looking absolutely gorgeous. It’s really impressive actually. What’s strange though is the fact that navigating to the PDFs goes through the main site that’s at 72 DPI.

The text of the site looks great but the graphics end up looking badly upscaled. It’s hilarious in a somewhat infuriating way!

I’m not sure what to do about this in future though. Will desktop machines start to increase in pixel density like tablets are? Will we have to start releasing higher resolution webpage graphics to compensate for this technology?

If it results in a better looking web I’m fine with it, even if it is a hassle.

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