When I was with Dawn I would often get asked whether I wanted to watch a film while we ate our dinner. The answer was almost universally “no”.

Listening to last week’s Giant Bombcast made me think about it again from another angle.

I was never able to grasp why this was such a difficult concept to understand but perhaps it’s actually an interesting quirk of my reaction to a techy society.

When I play video games it usually takes the form of either lengthy marathon sessions or short bursts of between forty and ninety minutes. Unless I’m playing a multiplayer game (fairly unusual) I can pause at any time. Games have been designed with that functionality in mind for decades.

Watching TV shows is fairly similar. They’re between twenty minutes and an hour and often created to be shown with ad breaks. That is to say lulls in the plot where things can be temporarily put on hold.

Films on the other hand expect the viewer to sit still and watch from beginning to end. Pausing isn’t part of the deal. There are no points designed to bring the viewer back into the experience.

I’m just not willing to commit several hours to something that might not be all that good any more. My evenings can generally fit in one film or any number of other things.

Most of the time I pick the other things. Then I write about them.

Also the new Wolverine film isn’t all that good.

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