Last night I finished Portal 2 again. It’s still fun although it does drag a bit at times but the thing that stood out to me was the texturing.

Occasionally they weren’t quite crisp enough but mostly they were excellent.

This game came out in April 2011 running on an engine that debuted in June 2004.

Here’s a screenshot I took whilst playing:2013-07-24_00002

Here’s it at 100%, well, a slice of it:2013-07-24_00002

Back in December 2012 I moaned about Dishonored and its piss-poor graphics. People have argued that it has a distinctive art style that excuses the texturing. I disagree. There’s art style (reminiscent of paintings) and there’s sloppy upscaling and low-poly models:



Things further away are lovely but look at the rowlocks! What’s with that hexagonal bedroll?

How about the texturing on the boat?

I should also point out that the screenshot I picked of Dishonored isn’t the worst example by a long stretch. It’s actually extremely generous. I may seem to be nit-picking about the texturing but think about it this way:

EVERYTHING that is closest to the screen at any one time looks lousy. Further away it’s fine but that’s not where the player’s actions are happening, are they?

Perhaps I should go back and actually finish Half-Life 2 to see how it compares. It came out in 2004, more than eight years before Dishonored. Maybe it’ll still look okay.

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