I’m not a big fan of gossip columns but occasionally something comes up that’s deeply disturbing.

The current government seems to be pushing a particular MP’s agenda. Yes, porn is evil and wrong, Mrs Perry. Just keep chanting that mantra to yourself every day and perhaps it’ll come true one day.

The disturbing part is her jaw-dropping ignorance.

Here’s the story.

The BBC have also covered it now. Personally I hope (but cynically doubt) that it’ll lead to some national dialogue about technology and the understanding of it by people attempting to make policy decisions.

Is it any surprise that our legislation is a complete shambles on this front when even MPs can’t seem to wrap their head around the basics of internet usage, let alone more advanced concepts like decentralised file sharing?

ZDNet’s article on this issue did alert me to one ISP’s stance on this daft attempt at legislated morality though, Andrews and Arnold Ltd:

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