This evening many of us got some sad news. Apparently Ryan Davis (of Giant Bomb) has died. He was 34 and had just got married.

Jenny and I were listening to last week’s Bombcast and Ryan’s absence was notable, but we hoped he was enjoying his honeymoon. It would seem he was already dead when said that.

I don’t know what he died of yet but I was concerned about his health in the past. He was a big fat guy with a sedentary lifestyle. He was also hilarious, insightful, and a brilliant journalist.

Back in the day I used to listen to LUGRadio and GameSpot’s The Hotspot podcasts whilst walking to get the bus from my family home in Wales. It was a half hour walk (and of course half an hour back). It made the walk very pleasant.

Later Gerstmann Gate happened. Fortunately Arrow Pointing Down arose from the flames which later seems to have turned into Giant Bomb.

LUGRadio is long gone, sadly. I was so pleased that Ryan and Jeff were still around. Now it’s just Jeff and I haz a sad.

After watching the GB guys do their E3 stuff it reminded me of just how much I enjoyed doing that stuff. I had secretly hoped that one day I’d get to attend one of the panels with Jeff and Ryan. Guess that’s another for the broken dreams pile!

I hope his widow has sufficient support. I don’t know what I could do to help but I’m sure I’m not alone in being concerned for her wellbeing in the aftermath of this tragedy. Ryan lit up everyone’s lives.

I always remember him like this and I think it’s what he would have wanted:

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