Unless I’m really bored  don’t tend to look at what’s going on with the Twitter feeds I follow.

Generally speaking it’s not because they’re not interesting – it’s simply that to pull up the feed is extra effort. A screensaver wouldn’t do me much good either because when I’m at my PC I’m usually using it (and so the screen is always in use).

I’m thinking that it might be interesting to see a screensaver for XBMC that I could run on my Raspberry Pi. That way when the TV is on but not showing anything it could be displaying the latest from the microblogosphere.

Perhaps I’m not alone in this – unless it’s easy I don’t consider Twitter important enough to bother checking most of the time. There might be some funny titbits but it’s fairly mundane much of the time. Even if I changed who I follow I doubt it’d liven things up. I barely check Facebook for similar reasons – the amount of effort simply doesn’t justify it.

Reddit on the other hand provides plenty of content and browsing it is easy. It’d be nice to be able to have profiles or similar though – I subscribe to a lot of boards and sometimes their content gets swamped by all the NSFW stuff! Being able to filter things a little might help.

That said, perhaps that’d result in the effort being too great to justify looking…

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