It’s odd. I lived in Edinburgh from ~Q4 2006 to Q3 2013. That’s quite some time for a young adult to stay in one place.

Every year the festival would come around and every year I’d never see more than a handful of shows. In fact I’d avoid leaving the house for much of August.

I played a lot of video games, watched a lot of TV, and wrote the odd essay or two.

There were occasional nights out, parties, and gigs. I ate terrible fast food and drank colourful things from test tubes.

But there’s one thing I never felt: like I belonged.

Edinburgh was “my” city by familiarity but never emotionally. I found myself disconnected from local issues for the most part. Writing to my MP was a waste of time*.

I saw this, for example. I understand all of the points but none of them resonate with me on anything but a superficial level. In some way, despite barely leaving, I was never truly part of Edinburgh.

Well, I gave it a shot!

(* as in I tried it several times and it didn’t work out)

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