I discovered something both bland and interesting earlier – Coreheim.

“Bland” seems rather cruel, I know, but one of the things I absolutely adore about Mordheim is its twisted artwork. Every page is adorned with perverted fanaticism and fever dream oddities:tumblr_ljagiu5I7p1qhel5yo1_500

Admittedly that’s one of the tamer pieces but I can’t dig out my book to scan something better without unpacking another box.

Coreheim currently just has workman-like rules. That’s great, sure, but the soul isn’t there. I don’t know whether that can be solved though, sadly.

What really caught my eye was this though:

About Donations
Coreheim is a non-profit that runs entirely off (small) donations (and rules feedback) from players all around the world. As per agreement with the copyright holders of Mordheim, we are allowed to solicit donations as long as the donations do not exceed the costs of running and operating the Coreheim project and we think we can safely say that we are in no danger of that happening.

Donations aren’t the bit I care about, it’s this snippet:

As per agreement with the copyright holders of Mordheim…


This means that the copyright holders officially know about their project and clearly haven’t taken legal action. I’m wondering how they (or he) went about that. If tUGS could be given permission to create a similar project the potential is of considerable interest.

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