At the end of last month I bought a new camera from a friend. He’d not been using it much and wanted it to go to a better home. He’s also rather generous so I got it for a fraction of its value (which was fortunate given that I had next to no cash!).

This video isn’t all that “frame perfect” due to the format I was editing in (AVCHD) and the way the software I used handled things.

OpenShot needs some serious work done on the way it handles these things. Some sort of caching would help, methinks. With any luck that stuff will be fixed in the 2.x branch that’s coming out later in the year.

There is something fun (for me) about this video – it’s the first occasion in modern times I’ve messed about with colour grading. We used to do it in the old days but even then only a little – it was something I was learning about towards the end.

This time I used Shotcut to play around with things and found myself immediately impressed with the results. Sure, my skills are primitive for the moment, but the difference between the stock footage and the finished stuff is night and day.

Anyway here’s the first pilot:

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