I can’t say I’ve ever really played an MMO before today. Well, now I have.

The MMO in question was the open beta of Firefall.

Short version: I am not impressed.

Being a beta I didn’t expect it to work perfectly. I didn’t expect it to be without issues.

What I did expect was something that one could at least see the potential enjoyment the finished product would present. I did not see that.

When starting the game I was greeted by an intro cinematic. It was rather fun but looking back I am entirely at a loss when it comes to relating it to the game. I haven’t the foggiest how it connects to the game world. Apparently a human ship crash lands on Earth.

Meanwhile in Firefall there’s a world that looks like another planet with high tech stuff, alien creatures, and “chosen” enemies. I don’t know what that means.

The game’s tutorial is amazingly useless. At times it provides instructions that might as well be “walk across the room” and at other times I felt inundated with jargon. By the end I was at a complete loss as to the game world, the game’s mechanics, and what I was even supposed to be doing. Other players told me that if I wanted something easy I should play World of Warcraft.

Please excuse me for confusing “open beta” with “user testing”. Clearly it’s more of a drive to drum up free (ish) publicity than to gather any sort of meaningful feedback.

As I’ve said in the past and will say again – entertainment should entertain me. If it feels like hard work and I’m not getting any benefit out of it then why would any sane individual continue to do it?

Finally there was one interesting option in the graphics settings: resolution scaling. The game will scale the output resolution down as required to maintain the target frame rate.

Did I mention that it runs like a heavily sedated snail? My hardware may not be cutting edge but this game looked dreadful! I’ve seen papercraft with more detail!


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