I may be somewhat sunburnt.

Thankfully it’s not too painful as it’s not that bad – I’m just ridiculously pale.

I did apply suncream, twice, but apparently it wasn’t enough. I can’t imagine living in Scotland since 2006 has really helped my ability to tolerate sunlight either

We were out on a boat for the whole afternoon, from noon, getting back to the dock around 1830.

In recent years as they enter retirement my parents have decided to take up a relaxing hobby – sailing. Boating is all well and good but there’s something about the way vertical surfaces become horizontal that rather rattles my cage!


We motored from Landshipping to near Stack Rock Fort before putting up the sails and heading to far enough out from St Ann’s Head to see Skokholm and Skomer.

Boats I’m fine with, sailing, erm, not so much. Perhaps in time I’d get used to it. Fear of deep water and the fact that current mobiles are neither waterproof nor floaty are stumbling blocks!

One fun thing though – we passed Dale Fort Field Centre. I’d forgotten about that place – I was there for a week many years ago with my mother on a YOC thingy. I remember unearthing a demo version of Desert Strike on the computers there (Either Amigas or Macs, I’m guessing – I recall that the file explorer was different). That kept a lot of us entertained in our downtime between activities. I also recall that one of the group leaders was called “Jeanie”. There was also something called an “Earth Walk”.

How very dramatic.

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