I was watching Ashen’s video about the WiiU and noticed him say something with regards to the eShop:

(Around the 16 minute mark)

…hmmm, I dunno… They really need to change things ‘round and offer things cheaper if they actually want this to be a thing.

This phrase “a thing” seems to be fairly new when I think about it. I may be wrong but it feels less than ten years old. It’s more than just slang though when I give it some thought - it’s a cultural concept.

We currently live in a world where new products and ideas are thrown around quite often. Some stick, some are fads, and others never really go anywhere.


Crowdfunding is “a thing”, the Zune is not “a thing”. I suppose one could deem it as either happily accepted into modern culture or at least begrudgingly tolerated as the de facto norm.

It could be argued that such a notion existed before but I can’t think of any other time where things can emerge so quickly. High speed information exchange means that ideas can quickly reach millions of people in a way never before seen. Steampunk is now “a thing” whereas before it was a bit of a quirky alternative to goth clothes.

Whether that’s strictly true or not I don’t really know. But either way it’s very fetch.

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