Something that leaves me thoroughly grumpy is companies lying to me.

The current thing that’s getting my goat is Microsoft U-turning on all their DRM stuff. It’s not the U-turn that bothers me (it seems to be good news after all) but the fact that their word isn’t worth the time it takes to hear.


On Radio 4’s You and Yours there was a similar thing about descriptions provided by estate agents. Usually they should be taken with a dangerous amount of salt because they’re such perversions of reality. Why is it acceptable for companies to lie to us?

I’m not talking active mis-selling of a product – that is obviously not allowed. What I mean is that there seems to be an overwhelming culture of “never admit fault”. Perhaps the thinking goes that it will make the company appear weak. Of course the truth is that it makes them appear strong enough to take responsibility for their failures.

When my letting agency tells me something I have to basically disregard it because the likelihood of it being true is essentially zero. No one is coming to fix anything, we just have to say that as part of protocol.

Why do automated services express emotion about our wait? How can a company be an entity that feels “sorry”? They could care about me having a bad experience but if they did they wouldn’t be showing it through a pre-recorded message. “Your call is important to us”? Not bloody likely!

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