Something I’m looking forward to in my new gaff is having my PC and my TV in the same room. My graphics card isn’t the best on the market, it never was, but it happily handles even very new games on fairly high settings.

One major bottleneck is my screen though. I love my monitor, don’t get me wrong. A 22 inch monitor at 1920x1080 is lovely to work with but it does mean that I have to run games at that resolution. Well, have to and have to

I have a friend who ran Oblivion at its default resolution on a reasonably large 1680x1050 monitor. He didn’t seem to understand my flabbergasted reaction to this. Let me clarify – the default resolution is 640x480. It was a blurry mess with virtually illegible text.

Maybe I’m just picky.

Of course, back in the day when we used CRT monitors the resolution was just a matter of detail preference. They could render things up to ridiculously high levels and things would stay deliciously crisp. LCDs have a fixed number of pixels though – try to run things at anything but the exact size they’re built for results in a thoroughly horrid experience.

It seems some people don’t notice this. Usually they’re in their 50s and think the text is too small (that can be scaled, dear – that way it’ll be big AND clear). Occasionally I run into someone my own age or younger who has the wrong resolution though. I try to restrain myself but it’s a struggle. I used to carry around a little command line app on a flash disk when I was at uni that’d bypass the lack of admin access and allow me to change the resolution. Any time I found a screen that had some how ended up in vaseline territory a few quick keystrokes tidied things up.

I had a point somewhere, didn’t I?

Well a larger resolution obviously means more pixels. My monitor has 2,073,600 pixels (1920x1080). My TV has 1,049,088 pixels (1366*768). Roughly half. It’s also a bigger screen.

Sure, it means less detail but on the plus side it’s larger and should take less grunt to run meaning more shiny effects can be turned on. I’m looking forward to trying that out!

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