I just rage quit. I don’t usually but in this case ugh.

When I say “rage quit” I mean that I carefully closed the game, sighed, and uninstalled it. I didn’t play a game to be frustrated.

Admittedly I would have given the scenario another shot had it not been for Dawn asking “What game are you playing?!”. Instead of the game bearing the brunt of my irritation she redirected it towards herself. It doesn’t help that she seems to unintentionally sneer when asking those kinds of questions. She doesn’t mean it but it still sounds that way.

I don’t like talking about games with her as I generally find it tiresome and frustrating. Sails minus wind, if that makes sense. Her association with “pro” gamers doesn’t really help matters.

The notion of spending enough time playing a game to reach that level boggles my mind. It’s like professional sportsmen – health benefits aside I don’t see the point.

Becoming an excellent creator I get, but an excellent participant? It seems daft.hqdefault

You’re wasting my life.

So, yes, I tend to play games on a fairly low difficulty because the notion of them being a challenge seems insane to me. I’ve got plenty of challenges in my life, I don’t need entertainment to fall into that category too.

Am I saying that another way of thinking is wrong? No. I’m simply saying that I don’t understand it. I also don’t understand feet being sexy but I’m not going to argue that such a thing is wrong.

If I’m annoyed at a game let it take my anger. I don’t want to be mean to you unintentionally.

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