Whilst this post is backdated I haven’t written a blog entry in several days. I don’t feel good about this but I’ve also been unable to really concentrate on writing simply because I’m reaching the final hours leading up to moving.

On Thursday (later today on the day of writing) I’ll be loading my stuff onto a car and heading out of Scotland for “sunny” Wales. Of course, I may not be there long, but it’s a major move both in terms of physical load and in terms of mentality.

Essentially I’ve lived in Edinburgh since I left home in 2006. I didn’t really consider it leaving home then but later it sort of dawned on me that I wouldn’t be returning to the family home properly. Well, maybe in the distant future when I own the house I’ll move there but other than that I’m out in the world.

I didn’t intend to stay in Scotland anywhere near this long but plans fell through last year and it’s taken 18 months to regroup and get back on my way. Thankfully the next move should be significantly easier as there’ll be two of us. I don’t look forward to it either but we’ll figure it out together.

In the meantime I’m not in a panicky mood, more a sort of tired malaise. There’s so much stuff and I’d really like to have it all packed. I’ve been ready to go for a long time and getting out of limbo is something I really look forward to.


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