I hate it when I can’t quite scrub the grime off an idea.

(In this analogy the idea is metal ore)

I’m thinking about food wastage and tracking a household’s stocks. Sure, there’s smart fridges and so forth, but who actually owns one? Is there sufficient benefit to justify it? I wouldn’t say so.

What we do have is near ubiquity of handheld computers. What if one had an app tracking the contents of the freezer?

Say I cook a batch of chilli and eat several portions. I bag up the rest and in the freezer they go. I know I have food in the freezer but even I can’t usually keep track of the precise number of remaining portions.

As a result I’m not quite sure how long my food will last or when I’m likely to need to go shopping again.

What’s getting me caught is how to define some sort of standard for ready meals and home cooking that allows for the relevant data to be easily transmitted and tracked. QR codes sort of work but without a tiny printer or something that’s essentially a no-go.

Similarly I don’t tend to think about recipes in the traditional way. I’m working on an idea based around components and techniques that’ll fit together somewhat like a Scratch program.scratch1

It’s not done yet but the idea is starting to take shape. I want to optimise some elements of cooking so we can get away from the hassle and back to the fun bit – creating something delicious!

Visualising what we have to work with is step one though. It’d be interesting to see what would happen if one combined such an app with a projector phone though. Get your infographic on, girl!

I’ll see myself out.

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