The destruction of music because of YouTube is enormous.
-Krystian Zimmerman [source]

homesewing1Right. Yes.

Rubbing is killing engraving too.

Here’s the headline that goes with that:

Pianist Krystian Zimerman storms out over phone recording


That seems a rational response to something that only harms the performance for the person doing the recording.

As per usual the comments on the BBC lean towards the early 1990s. People taking issue with people “living their lives through a lens” (Do you? Either way does it directly affect you if someone else does?) and things like this:

This type of recording is how so many movies have been pirated in cinemas particularly in China, where such recording is now actively discouraged.
-imberhk [source]

You know who is doing this to rip off the concert? A negligible number. You might as well complain about someone making a rubbing of an engraving like I said in the introduction. A phone recording doesn’t record any kind of proper audio and the video is usually an impossible to watch mess of spotlights and darkness. Let’s all rush over to YouTube to watch!

If you want to download a cam release of a film, go ahead. Getting upset about that is like telling everyone how much you hate having leaky shoes when it rains. Shocker – it’s crap and no one is seeking that stuff out – and those who do are a bit weird. Not the good kind of weird.

Performers need to get over the fact that we live in the 21st century and people like to communicate with their friends. No one is filming a concert with a smart phone so that they can burn 10,000 DVDs to sell at a car boot sale. People film as a memento of the event or to share a moment with their friends on Youtube. Performers are just to sensitive and pretentious.
-Barton71 [source]

Currently that comment has a score of around –100. Admittedly it doesn’t use “too” where it should but other than that it’s on the money.

Personally I’ve filmed gigs using a proper camera and microphone. It still doesn’t sound great, admittedly.

Most of the comments seem to be overly negative people intent on telling other people how to live their lives. I can’t say I feel that going to a gig and filming it badly rather than simply enjoying it seems sensible – but them doing it doesn’t affect me. I’ll live my life this way and document enough to jog my memory.

There’s also the fact that at most gigs I get bored. Music alone is rarely enough to entertain me. The only exception to this rule has to be TJ Muller and the Dixie Six:

Despite intimidating company I couldn’t help but smile and enjoy their groove. There was even swing dancing. Amazing.

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