In leaving Edinburgh I’m curating some of my possessions. That isn’t particularly surprising, of course, but with some things it’s not a case of “Will I need this?”. Instead it’s a matter of “I could bring this but do I want the memories that come with it?”

I have a set of eight glasses that were totally not pilfered from a drinking establishment above the Cowgate. They’re nice glasses, plenty of weight, but they were also used extensively at flat parties, including gatherings of people I didn’t like. Didn’t like and ended up having to clean up after, I mean.

Other things are more recent and positive. Well, they were until someone dropped the damn thing.

Every year Matt would go to the Heriot-Watt Beer Festival. I kept meaning to go along but didn’t get around to it. Eventually, in 2011, I managed to make it along. We had planned to film some stuff there but, well, we were tired and it didn’t really come together. It was fun nonetheless though.

The glasses seen in the picture are part of the festival and were marked at both the third of a pint mark and half. Beers and ciders were available in those quantities based on tokens. Buying the glass was essentially a ticket.

Despite my attempts to convey “it doesn’t matter, I used another glass” a certain someone still told another certain someone. Cue attempting to bring me a glass of water I didn’t ask for in a glass I didn’t want touched by anyone else at all ever.

I am not a happy Fox about this. It’s annoying because I don’t like useless trinkets that solely exist for decoration. I use this glass a lot and remember its day of glory with fondness. Fondness and a memory of how it was always a bit sticky due to a cider that tasted like delicious strawberry jam.

I’d better not mention to anyone when I want a damn cup of tea in future. Ugh.

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