Console wars aside I’m not really all that interested in E3 any more. There’s games, sure, but they won’t be out for quite some time and even then I probably won’t play them for a while after that.

What did interest me was the “behind the scenes” style videos GiantBomb released:

I don’t feel I learned all that much at university, at least not as a result of the academic portion. This tends to mean that I consider my degree essentially worthless. In fact I have no idea where the actual document even is.

Watching these videos reminds me that actually I learned a fair bit through my own projects. I didn’t know they were called “risers” but I’ve worked in similar environments. Admittedly I’d not heard of SDI before, well, not outside Sid Meier’s Civilization II, but it’s a bit higher end than I’ve had access to.

Wandering around as a crew with cameras, trying to find places to film, working at events where annoying credentials are required. I know how to do that stuff! I’m not so good at attending as a patron admittedly but that shouldn’t be news to anyone.

I don’t think of it as journalism, per se, but I’m not really sure where to lump the skill set in question. It explains a little why I find the GB guys so relatable though, I guess.

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