I can’t say I respond to peer pressure very well. Usually attempts to get me to fall in line result in rebellion from me. Being told to do something simply because it is customary tends to get me riled up.

Something I considered while driving the other day was that there is an exception to this rule: driving. I find myself caring about what other people think a great deal. It’s rather jarring for me to be bothered by the opinions of other drivers. When walking I might pretend to be an aeroplane regardless of whether there are other people present but put me behind the wheel and suddenly I’m trying to stay out of people’s way and behave!

Perhaps part of this stems from my unusual opinions of who is “allowed” to drive. I’ve been licensed to drive a car since I was a teenager but the idea that I’m allowed to still blows my mind. Grown-ups drive cars, not me. Being somewhat childish at heart has this effect at times, I suppose. On the road I feel like I’m intruding into somewhere I don’t belong.

Giving it some thought there’s also the fact that I can’t make it my space as the rules are so restrictive on what one may do. I’m not suggesting that the law is wrong it’s fairly necessary but that goes some way to explaining my inability to get comfortable.

Or maybe British roads are just incredibly unwelcoming. To Paris!

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