Whilst later in life I did get a class of older brothers it took some time and by then it was almost too late. I kind of wish that at 14 I could have received some albums from a hypothetical older brother.mriAJxg

Growing up I had a best friend, Ashley. He was a lovely chap although sadly we’re not still in contact (due to fairly divergent lives, not falling out, thankfully). He had an older brother, Bradley. I suppose in my mind the concept of an older brother is built a bit around him. He was a few years older than us and whilst he and his brother would fight on occasion he was always a nice guy to me. I can’t imagine why I didn’t seem like an obnoxious brat to him, or maybe I did and it was easier to be kind to me. Either way I was always rather impressed by him in that respect.

I recall playing, or watching Ashley play, the PSX demo for Grand Theft Auto. There was a table of sorts across the room – not a barrier per se but it sort of separated the room. In that section I think Bradley was listening to a new single by All Saints.

Now, I’m absolutely certain that song was playing at the time and the timeline works out (Grand Theft Auto was new) but it still confuses me as to how it could be right. I was surely in St. Michaels at that point and so didn’t see Ashley all that much?

Regardless of circumstances though it’s clear that I was there.

I recall a little later Bradley had a separate room, or perhaps that had already happened at that point. Either way it was a more “grown up” room, signifying his transition away from childhood. I was just an onlooker and little did I know that I would never really have that experience. My bedroom still remains but it’s virtually unchanged from when I first left for Christ College. A few bits of furniture have been moved around and there’s piles of computer hardware everywhere but other than that it’s really the same.

Some of us have siblings who at least provide a bit of a roadmap for development. Whether it’s better to have a blank slate or not is difficult to say but it might have at least made that shift a bit less painful.


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