I remember in student halls once turning on the TV in the living room and seeing some Scottish news. It wasn’t anything interesting, perhaps something about politics, but it did have a strange effect. It suddenly made the fact that I was living in Scotland clearer. Prior to that it was just a new place.

More interestingly though is the fact that I’ve not really looked at Scottish news since and the disconnect has returned. When I’m in Wales and see the Welsh news that my parents watch most evenings I feel like I’m actually in Wales. Something about hearing about local affairs makes the place more real.

Now that I’m leaving Scotland I don’t really feel I’m leaving. Edinburgh might as well be any other British cities in my eyes. It’s familiar and I’ve been here a long time but I’ve not visited the tourist sites, I’ve not felt part of the local community, and I don’t feel I’ve encountered much culture to participate in.

I wonder whether that’s because of the time, my age, or whether without mass media in common it’s harder to form the kind of connection that one used to expect?

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