In packing up to move I have to deal with the huge volume of clothes I have. I don’t know about you but I’ve been roughly the same height and weight for over ten years at this stage. Add to that the fact that I don’t really follow fashion (instead wearing whatever makes me feel most awesome) and the result is a vast pile of garments.

So, assuming I’m tired of some of them but they’re not worn out – what am I supposed to do with them?

I could give them to a charity shop, for example, but then I don’t even get paid for the trouble of bringing the clothes to the shop. Hmmm, no.

How about one of those “Cash 4 Clothes” places? Well they pay by weight rather than garments. Not so handy.

Essentially I want to sell them. Not for a pittance (as in by weight) but also not for a fortune. I’d also like them to go to a good home if possible. They’re not bad clothes I’ve just worn them enough to get bored of them at this stage.

The kind of arrangement I’d like would be something like a set of stalls at a market. One would be able to bring clothes on the day and use a corner to sell them. If they sold then the stall would take a small cut. If I sold some of my nice t-shirts for £3 each and kept £2 that’d be fine with me. Similarly if I could buy second hand for those prices I’d like that too.

We all have so much stuff and it seems silly to not share the wealth to some extent. Perhaps this is a small future project.

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