It never ceases to amaze me just how bad one can make the user experience through sheer apathy.

Have you tried to login to a Yahoo! account any time recently? I don’t know about you but I can’t remember precisely which of my many passwords I use for the account. I tend to try a few or rely on my browser to remember. Ideally it’ll keep me logged in indefinitely.

Yahoo! starts forcing CAPTCHAs after an attempt or two. After passing one it doesn’t reset that attempt counter though. No. Every attempt after that requires one.

Eventually I give up and reset my password. Yahoo prompts me for a new one.

Of course then it stipulates that the password has to be at least six characters. It also needs to be “strong”. Their definition is unclear though. If I use one of my made up words with a number in it that’s six characters its still apparently too weak. Longer passwords that aren’t in the dictionary don’t work either!

Why don’t they just issue the godsdamned password if it’s so important to them that it’s secure?

I use my Yahoo! account for Flickr (that is to say I have photos there. I haven’t added new ones in years) and occasionally for Yahoo! groups (for Gorkamorka stuff). Its security is not a concern. The level they’re attempting is like putting a steering wheel lock and wheel clamps on a child’s toy car!

I can’t imagine why their company is in decline. I’m sure their few remaining users being unable to conveniently access their accounts has nothing to do with it.

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