I stumbled across this today:recovery_01

First off I was impressed by the price – $3,500

Something I’ve been thinking about for a long, long time is a portable living space. I don’t like being tied down to a physical location for too long. It’s remarkable that I’ve been in Edinburgh for this long.

I also loathe how much rent costs. It drives me nuts to think that whatever I earn is mostly eaten up by the most basic of shelters. It’s just an ongoing treadmill to simply stay housed. Ugh.

Something else that surprised me:


See on the back wall?

Yeah – the 1963 M109 is actually wired for 12/24/110V power. How about that?

Personally I’d probably want a bigger space but it’s an interesting base platform.

Another interesting project would be this one:


Personally I find the layout choice in the bus bizarre but then again I’m looking at things from my own perspective.

I want to do another post on what I think about with regards to these sorts of things but that’ll be tomorrow.

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