When reading an article on the BBC yesterday I was rather pleased to see a bit of rational thought sneaking its way into the discussion.

The report urges the Department for Education to ensure that all schools, including private schools, faith schools, colleges and academies, "deliver effective relationship and sex education".

It also notes emerging evidence that young people are dissatisfied with the sex education they are receiving and "increasingly" draw on pornography for education and information on sexual practices.

Sex and relationships are inherently linked, even if it’s only “This is just sex, we’re not having a relationship”.

I’m not surprised that young people are drawing on porn to learn about sex. The amount of things that exist form an extensive buffet. Sex education can’t really be expected to cover everything. What I would argue it should be doing is encouraging sensible attitudes. “Sensible” in this case means teaching them to read up on whatever they’re planning on doing. It does not mean “What’s wrong and what isn’t”. That isn’t anyone’s job – let them make up their own damn minds, they’re just as human as you or me.

Relationships are really the important thing. What do we currently learn from?

TV dramas, rom-coms, books, music, and sometimes from those around us (who of course learned from the aforementioned sources too). That seems healthy.

The problem here is of course that these mediums often rely on plot devices to drive the narrative. For example a couple won’t talk about an issue and conflict will be created – there we go, plot. In reality this is a terrible way to do things and open communication solves any number of problems.

I don’t know about you but I never took a class that explained how to form a relationship, how to set expectations, courting, and of course how to break up. I know at least one person who sorely could have done with that last one!

Perhaps this is going to have to be another in a long line of things to add to my eventual ideology tract. Put it on the list…

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