At my parents’ place in Wales there’s all sorts of pretty mugs for tea and coffee. None of them are particularly large or ostentatious. Mostly they’re fairly tasteful little drinking vessels.

Well, except this one (no, not Jenny):Kenny MugIt seems fairly tacky, I know, but I love it.

It was given to me by a friend during my time at CCB. His name is Brennan and it was a gift towards the end of the last millennia. South Park was still quite new and merchandise for it was everywhere. He said he’d give me a mug and a keyring. I don’t recall what my half of the deal was but I can’t imagine that I reneged on it.

I still have the keyring although it’s not in use at the moment. The mug gets used whenever I come home though. I’m not even sure why. Brennan and I were never massively close although we did spend plenty of classes together. As we became surly teenagers we drifted apart a little but the interactions I’ve had with him on Facebook have been very positive.

I was delighted to hear that he’s finally getting to become a pilot. It took a while but I think he’s well into his training now. Much like my friend Laurence who recently became a doctor I am pleased for him but not envious. Neither of those things are for me. I’m passionate about all sorts of things and sometimes get to do some of them. I’m glad that some old friends have managed to arrange things in their own lives to do the same.

That said I still don’t quite know why I’m so fond of the mug. It’s not because it represents something massively important. It’s a solid mug and holds a nice amount. Its imagery is kinda dumb but it’s probably my first bit of commercial tat of this kind.

The only other mugs I own are either custom painted ones or ones I’ve procured (*cough*) from Caffè Nero. Oh and one from Ikea with its own saucer. This is the only branded mug I’ve ever legitimately owned.; Past me didn’t keep the box, as far as I can recall.

They come up on eBay from time to time it would seem but other than that they’re out of production from what I can tell. Hell, this was back when Kenny was killed off nearly every episode.

It did always annoy me that it doesn’t say “Oh my god – they killed Kenny!”

Perhaps the line on the mug is uttered at some point. I’ve never heard it. Admittedly I haven’t an encyclopaedic knowledge of that show like I do for others such as The Simpsons. I’m working on it!

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