(That’s my knee in the photo)

When I was in uni I attended quite a few flat parties. It was the done thing.

That said I didn’t have much fun. Fairly crap alcohol was consumed, occasionally something was funny, but that’s about it. I didn’t make many friends and had little in common with people.

In the photo above you can see Chris, who I came to the party with. Other than that I know no one in the photo and didn’t have any real conversation with any of them. We had no common ground.

Amusingly across the hall there was another party. Sadly a hard drive crash claimed the photos from that one but it was fun. People there were a little older, late twenties, that sort of thing. Our party invaded theirs before being asked to leave, well, except me. I could have a conversation with those folks.

Thankfully those times have changed:


(From left to right: Michael, Matthew, me, Julia)

I feel relaxed, people know me, the humour is hilariously dark, and alcohol isn’t the main focus.

The knowing me part is important – it’s more than just knowing my name. At university parties people might know my name or who I was but they didn’t really know me as a person. At the parties I’ve been to with /r/Edinburgh my eccentricities are understood and accepted to the point where I feel extremely relaxed.

Perhaps more conventional folk feel like that normally?

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