I think of myself as a content creator.


Is that really accurate at the moment though? Well, yes and no.

On the one hand I used to create a lot more content during university working on the Napier Subculture Podcast. It wasn’t exactly a great show but at times there was a real sense of progress. Furthermore episodes would be a finished product, filmed, edited, and released as a variety of formats.

Before that I created a PSP magazine called Portable Life. Before that I did a bit of drawing and built models. I also designed a car game called Turrbulence with the help of a then friend. I should dig up those rules sometime…

When I think of it that way the amount I create now hasn’t declined, it’s just not quite as high as it was at its peak. I sculpt miniatures, I write blog entries daily, I create rules for Gorkamorka (and DTP the documents), and sometimes I paint models too.

I suppose in my mind if I’m not releasing a polished, packaged product, I’m not really creating content. Finishing some Gorkamorka rules is fun but the real sense of accomplishment doesn’t really arrive until I’ve finished sorting out the text boxes and art assets in Scribus. Having a shiny 300 DPI PDF of the rules to upload somewhere is very satisfying. Putting the same rules on a little HTML page somewhere just feels like half-arsing the job some how.

The reason I feel this way is possibly because I don’t like the idea of not contributing positively to the world. I don’t earn masses of cash and as such can’t influence things through investment but I’m not content passively consuming.

I do miss AV work though and today something arrived from Gumtree. I got it for a pittance and hopefully that’s not a bad sign. It’s a Belkin TuneStudio and should allow me to finally do some good quality audio work.2013-05-03 15.33.15

Audio podcasting doesn’t take much but personally I am not okay with low quality audio if I can possibly avoid it. There’s a podcast I’ve been on a few times that I don’t really want to name simply because the few times I’ve listened to it my reaction hasn’t even been disappointment. It has been shock.

I was shocked that anyone would record something with audio that bad and consider it good enough to release and put their names on. If it was me it wouldn’t have made it into the editing stage. One look at the file and it’d be “Nope, sorry chaps, it sounds like we’re recording from inside a rusty washing machine under a disused pier.”

Also this should mean that my in-game voice coms audio will be nice and crisp. So, yes, yay for that too.

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