Something that seems to come up a lot in the debate about pornography and children’s exposure to it is teaching them to think one thing or another.

There’s people who insist that sex and love cannot be differentiated (cue “Hovis” music – Antonin Dvorák's New World Symphony), there’s those who feel that pornography is wrong and should be made illegal, there’s those who feel it is fine with sufficient background education, and any number of other things.

One caller to Call You and Yours even stated that no woman would be involved in porn without some form of coercion. You’re kidding, right?

The thing that winds me up about all this is the social contract. I’m now twenty six. I still feel like a teenager in terms of my place in society. There’s no rite of passage for my generation. When do we count as adults?

I know that as a teenager I felt pretty similarly about the things I do today. Back then though I was a teenager and as such my views were irrelevant and dismissed by all. My question being – how long until we’re allowed to decide for ourselves what to think?

All these different groups arguing over how children and teenagers should be taught (or not taught) about pornography. When do they get some input? Why is this treated as a one-way process?

I mentioned the coercion caller because he is completely wrong. I’ve encountered plenty of women who are definitely not coerced into this sort of thing. For some people it is fun. Why do you think there’s so much amateur porn on the internet?

So what they’re trying to teach isn’t even necessarily right. Yet they’re supposed to be taught these things and accept them as fact. Are their IQs that low? I can understand a need to keep things simple for those without the capacity to grasp the more intricate nature of human relationships and sexuality. I can also understand how pornography can be harmful – I’m not trying to dispute that either. The issue here seems to lie more with how we treat sex in contemporary British society, particularly in reference to body image and relationships.

When do they get to ask questions and determine their own attitudes? It’s our job to raise them but they are not dogs who can talk. Not yet at least.

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