I’ve been watching Mad Men for quite some time. It interested me as my degree had quite a large focus on marketing and the historic setting was rather novel. Relatable stuff.

That said the recent seasons just feel like the show is losing its way. I don’t care about Don Draper infidelity. I don’t care about the staff at the company. There’s drama for drama’s sake.

The older episodes had the plucky underdog agency trying to compete with faceless big companies. There were accounts to win, brilliant campaigns to create, staff to teach.

These days there’s characters having children and buying houses. Wow, gee, inspiring. No need to rub in that my generation won’t be able to afford that level of luxury until we’re twice their age. There’s “aspirational” and then there’s salt in our wounds.

At other times I find myself confused as to what’s going on. In a recent episode Martin Luther King, Jr was shot. I’ve heard of him, I know he was very important, but beyond that I have no real world grounding for that knowledge. Perhaps Americans my age would understand but I really don’t.

The episode seems to pin a lot on characters reacting (or not reacting) to the incident. Okay… Why are people going home to be with their children?

What’s the issue? Are their little suburban homes in danger?

I’m not trying to make light of the tragedy, I simply don’t have any idea of what the implications of it were or why these middle class white people are so immediately affected by it. It happened over 18 years before I was even born – the politics of that time period are as familiar to me as those of the UK in 1920. I’ve no idea.

Also why were so many people crying about Marilyn Monroe’s death? Did people just care more then?

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