The other day I was thinking about how specific time doesn’t really matter much before a certain age. I recall understanding time but creating a little schedule and printing it out. It was garish and ugly but the times were left blank because during school I had no idea of the specific times. There weren’t many clocks on the walls when I think about it, actually.

What amazed me was the fact that I was able to recover a corrupted version of this.

The file is dated November 22nd 1995. This may be accurate, or not, it’s hard to say given that the source is a somewhat broken floppy disk!GRID.BMP - 22_11_1995 By that date I would have been nearly nine. That sounds about right and the reference to 1996 and 1997 seems the right region too. Admittedly I remember using this thing when I was a little younger than that but that whole period is a bit of a blur.

Timings didn’t really start to matter until I got to CCB and had classes in different places around a campus. During my time at St. Michaels in Llanelli there were a few classes held in other places around the school but we were generally herded for things like that.

I recently learned that CCB will be opening a new section of the school for 7 – 11 year olds. This leaves me wondering whether it was the school or the age that created this clockless daytime blur from my past.

Yeah it’s not a strong post today. I’ll see myself out.

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