It’s 2013 and apparently very little has changed since 2003 when it comes to webcams.

They’re still expensive.

They’ve still got the resolution of a stunted potato.

They’re still a mess of shiny packaging and mediocre performance.

I mean really – image resolution gets trotted out as if two megapixels are impressing anyone. My first digital camera had a CMOS sensor that could handle that, for gods’ sakes.

Then there’s the video capabilities. How hard can it be to mount some semi-decent optics, a CMOS sensor, and a hardware encoder? There’s no storage medium to worry about, no power supply issues, or size issues. It’s not like we’re trying to fit the electronics into a slim device that’ll fit into a tight pocket on a pair of emo jeans. Wait a moment – we can already do that? What do you mean we’ve been able to do that for the best part of a decade?

I’m shopping for a webcam because I’d like to be able to stream my sculpting sessions. These days something that has improved a tad is upload bandwidth. It’s still not great but at least we can manage a tad more than before.

Of course, sculpting isn’t webcam chatter – it’s close up and intricate. Autofocus is not our friend for this.

So of course the only webcam I can find that’ll do that for me is one made by Canyon and only sold in currencies I’ve never even heard of. Fantastic.

I guess I’ll check back in another five to ten years. Maybe then we’ll have something that actually fits the bill…

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