When I started sculpting miniatures for Fox Box I did so with a few specific items in mind but no real end goal. In adding a new faction to my range I've started to construct a narrative in my mind.

I saw some wonderful 40K Skaven conversions which really inspired me. I loved the idea of an insurgent force!

The thing being that guerillas and similar don't necessarily have uniforms or equipment - they just have a style. This means that all sorts of things could be done with the minis for them. In fact I really struggled to figure out where to even start!

Of course, if there's insurgents they need an enemy. I was already sculpting Orcs so it seems only sensible to build a force for them. After all - what's the point in having a model taking careful aim with an RPG-7 if there's no target for them to be zeroing in on?

I don't want to post photos of the vehicle just yet as it's still at the superstructure phase. Once I'm onto decorating it there'll be fun stuff to show!

I'll say this though - I've been watching a lot of Generation Kill.

At the start of the post I mentioned a new faction, didn't I? Goblins and Orcs are fairly similar in terms of sculpting work and I wanted to try something different. There's not enough female combatants in 28mm heroic, I feel. In Necromunda I've fielded Escher before but even then there weren't enough models for me. There's also the annoyance that currently there's really nothing in the way of multi-part female models.

I aim to change that. Heads are coming from Hasslefree, weapons from Anvil Industry, and the rest is on me. Powered armour and intricate accessories are a good challenge to expand my skills and so there's a lot of Maltese crosses and fleur-de-lises in my future.

Originally they were just going to be additional models but as time goes on I find myself drawn to the idea of building a story and possibly even rule set around these. The Orcs are trying to put down uprisings throughout their empire. The holy crusade on the other hand... Well, greenskin scum are a blight on the universe.

Hopefully it'll be fun!

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