By the looks of things I can at last get out of Edinburgh. I've had a lovely time and met some wonderful people. I've also had a terrible time and met traitorous jackasses.

But for the most part it has been good. That said I'm sick of being tied down to one place for no good reason. I have friends here, sure, but some I can keep track of via the internet and others will hopefully welcome me wherever they land eventually, just as I would for them.

That's just the preamble, of course.

Moving flat is difficult, unsurprisingly.

Some of you don't know how much stuff I own, others don't grasp what most of it is.

I have costumes, and props, and cameras, and microphones, and models, and whiteboards, and so on.

What I don't have is a cohesive order to things and a convenient way of stashing them to allow for better manoeuvrability. I'd like to use lots of the things I own but it they've had to sit dormant due to my unstable living arrangements. It's hard to commit to a video podcast if I expect to move in the next two months.

I like developing new brands and intellectual properties. I can't really do that with short-term living arrangements.

With my old lady's help I feel like I can finally get things sorted out. Sell off things I don't need, scrap book mementos, repackage the things I do use. There's a lengthy to-do list but I think we can do it.

I really want a clean-ish slate, I guess. I don't wish to forget the past, just polish it up and archive it for when I'm older.

I've also got a lot of Gorkamorka to play before I leave!

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